Create Image generation

If you want to generate images, you need to create a generation.

Two generation modes are available: simple and advanced mode.

Simple mode

Generate images with a simple description that we can optimize for you with optimizePrompt property. Optional options are also available.

    "name": "Image generation in Simple mode",
    "prompt": "a dog playing in a park",
    "mode": "simple",
    "optimizePrompt"?: true | false,
    "params"?: [{ name: "param1", value: "value1" }, { name: "param2", value: "value2" }, ...],
    "tags"?: ["tag1", "tag2"],
    "metaData"?: { "name": "value" }

The prompt must not contain a Midjourney parameter, only a text description. Use the various parameters or the "advanced mode"

With the optimizePrompt parameter, the description will be optimised for generation. Example : "a dog" --> "A small brown dog sits on freshly fallen leaves looking into the distance, shot from a low angle."

In simple mode, you can add params to customize generation:

  • Photo type : "High quality realistic photo (realisticQuality, default)" or "Realistic photo taken on a smartphone (realisticManuel)". { name: "templatePrompt", value: "realisticQuality" | "realisticManuel" }

  • Format: select image resolution. { name: "format", value: "1:1" | "3:2" | "2:3" | "4:7" | "7:4" | "5:4" | "4:5" | "16:9" | "9:16" }

  • Weather: choose the weather for your image. { name: "weather", value: "sunny" | "cloudy" | "foggy" | "rainy" | "thunderstorm" | "snowy" }

  • Time: this will change the image colors according to the time of day. { name: "Time", value: "sunrise" | "morning" | "afternoon" | "sunset" | "evening" | "golden hour" | "night" | "midnight" }

  • Camera: enter a specific camera. Ex: GoPro or Cannon. { name: "camera", value: "camera name" }

  • Chaos: value between 0 and 100 - This parameter influences how varied the initial image grids are. High chaos values will produce more unusual and unexpected results and compositions. Lower chaos values have more reliable, repeatable results. { name: "chaos", value: 0-100 }

  • Stylize: value between 0 and 100 - Low stylization values produce images that closely match the prompt but are less artistic. High stylization values create images that are very artistic but less connected to the prompt. { name: "stylize", value: 0-1000 }

  • Interdiction: separating what you don't want in the image (word, hands, human, ...) with a comma. { name: "interdiction", value: "value1, value2, ..." }

Advanced mode

Our images are generated using Midjourney AI. In this mode, you just enter your "Imagine" prompt as if you were on Discord.

    "name": "Image generation in Advanced mode",
    "prompt": "a dog playing in a park --aspect 3:2",
    "mode": "advanced",
    "tags"?: ["tag1", "tag2"],
    "metaData"?: { "name": "value" }

User with "Dedicated" offer The "processMode" parameter lets you choose the image generation mode: fast or relax. Remember to check your fast generation quota.

    "name": "Image generation",
    "processMode": "fast" | "relax"

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